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Did you know that heat can cause roof damage? It’s hot enough to cook an egg on the hood of your car. The Texas sun can give your roof a beating. Heat can cause your shingles to blister, and might even make your shingles pop, losing integrity to your roofing. Conditions that Might Increase Your […]

Roofing, Shingles

June 30, 2023

Heat and Blistered Shingles

Roofs are expensive. There’s no real way around it. Next to foundation work, repairing or replacing a roof can be one of the most costly parts of home ownership. No matter how many advertisements for “super cheap” and (semi-shady) roofing quotes are out there, the time, materials, and skilled labor always make it a hefty purchase.

Roofing, Shingles

May 15, 2023

All About Architectural Shingles

A contractor surveys a new roof after installing architectural shingles